Black History Curriculum

After the death of George Floyd and the ripples his murder created across the Atlantic, Gravesend Grammar School reached out. GGS and many other schools wanted to teach real Black History to their students. In doing so, they reached out to Elliott Reid who attended the Grammar between the years of 2002 and 2009. Elliott got to work and created a video based Black History Course

Elliott began studying African history 19 years old. He also studied under the historian and author, Robin Walker.

Elliott created a “plug in and play” presentation for schools to teach Black History and Critical Thinking. Schools have been so impressed by his work that they have expanded its work. The Black History Curriculum is now delivered across the year.

Elliott has made the black history curriculum freely available for all who wish to use it.

Robin Walker, African Historian

What is covered?

The black history curriculum covers from the first humans to the Ancient Egyptians, Moors, Songhai, Ashanti, Yoruba Empires to he transatlantic slave trade and the fight for freedom.

Find your roots and find your inspiration through your true Black history.

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Early Humans

What makes us human? The answers to your question lie in Africa. Let’s learn about the origin of consciousness and human civilisation.

Ancient Egyptians

The ancient Egyptians were originally from modern day Sudan. They popularised religious practices and ethical codes of philosophy which we still use today.

Some of their practices were so advanced, their methods are still a mystery today. Click the link to learn more

The Moors

African & Arab, Muslim empire lifted Europe from the dark ages by introducing advanced agricultural and architectural techniques into Europe.

And if this wasn’t enough, the Moors also introduced modern taxation, methods of hygiene, consumables and forms of entertainment such as coffee and the guitar.

Many historians claim the Moors were the spark that started the Renaissance. A true multi-ethnic collaboration with amazing feats.

West Africa

This part of the curriculum features the richest man who has ever lived. With the advanced use of mathematics and astronomy, West Africa was at the intellectual centre of the Medieval world.

The Queen of Ife Ife paved her cities and decorated the paving with American products. And Mansa Musa spent so much gold in Egypt that he crashed their economy for decades.

Later many Africans would defend their culture, land and people against European slavers and colonisers. Some very successfully so. Click the link to learn how the great West Africans rose and fell.

Fight for Freedom

After the arrival of European slavers, Africans immediately started fighting for their freedom.

Their fight for freedom occurred on the continent of Africa, America and Europe in militarised and political form.

After emancipation, leaders of the African diaspora continued to fight for freedom to this day.