Inscribed in the Temple of Luxor is written one simple command

“Know Thyself”

3 Life Changing Lessons from Toussaint Louverture |

This post is brought to you by Elliott Reid, founder of who brings Black Heroes to life through school curriculums and comic books Toussaint Louverture is, without a doubt, the most impressive man in recorded history. A man born into slavery in St Domingue (Haiti) who purchased his freedom by 30. He was a successful…

Meghan Markle and British Racism

The Oprah Interview | I’m shocked that people are shocked My experiences of dating outside my race have been fairly predictable; give it enough time and someone is going to say something fairly inappropriate and quite possibly overtly offensive. In fact, if I were to pick a family to marry into which I suspected would…

But we were all slaves once | a rebuttal

“We were all slaves once” is a common argument that has no logical basis. We shall cover the psychological harm done when diluting the transatlantic slave trade amongst other forms of slavery.

All People are Racist… at first

All people are racist… and then hopefully decreasingly so I have just finished reading Marley K’s piece “All White People are Racist”… it’s inflammatory to say the least but that’s me speaking from a scientific perspective. None of us have met all people; we can spot trends or correlations but we can’t logically label all people…

Finding meaning in suffrage | response to Tee “Privilege of Peace of Mind”

Black People don’t need Positivity. We need meaning I read “The Privilege of Peace of Mind” by Tee. It moved me The title hits you before you’ve even opened the article. I was moved, yet also left in disagreement. I am Jamaican-British. I descend from freedom fighters and revolutionaries. My family fought with Sam Sharpe against the British in 1831.…


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