Update on Black History Comic, My Roots Go Deep

Update on comic book, My Roots Go DeepAs many of you know, I have received a publishing deal for a graphic novel to teach black history Sharing our history, instilling pride and using the comic book as a “Trojan Horse” for further development of knowledge have been frequently mentioned as what families want from theContinue reading “Update on Black History Comic, My Roots Go Deep”

“Was Cleopatra black?”… no but it’s more complicated than that

Please subscribe to my blog if you like this post The question of Cleopatra’s ethnicity has echoed from Egyptians to the black diaspora, the British and Americans as each try to lay claim to the Queen of the one of the greatest African Empires of all time. Having just returned from Egypt on our honeymoon,Continue reading ““Was Cleopatra black?”… no but it’s more complicated than that”

How should we remember our heroes?

How should we remember our heroes? How about as a mirage of complexities for us to take inspiration from AND to critique? We’re in the process of shooting trailers for the upcoming #MyRootsGoDeep comic book series.  The comic will educate the youth on the amazing history of the African diaspora. Our attainment of philosophy, science,Continue reading “How should we remember our heroes?”

Black History Comic | Coming Soon

Black History Comic coming soon “To know where you’re going, you need to know where you’ve come from…” And if you don’t know where you’re from, you’ll believe anyone who tells you Learning my history has been a monumental boost to my esteem, drive, motivation and inner peace. I can’t wait to help other childrenContinue reading “Black History Comic | Coming Soon”

Apologising for the Slave Trade

Question; why should one grandfather be remembered and another forgotten?  Apologising on behalf of the nation for harm done, seems very British to me http://www.blackhistory.school Its objection has me curious of the objector’s perspective The nation thanks and remembers soldiers who fought for the nation Erects monuments to animals who served in war and EmpireContinue reading “Apologising for the Slave Trade”

Cultural Appropriation | Talking to GB News

I have been asked to speak on Cultural Appropriation tomorrow; the act of a culture (often majority or dominant) absorbing cultural traits of an often less dominant culture into their own. This has been a heated topic of discussion as of late. However I think that there is an underlying narrative which is more interesting thanContinue reading “Cultural Appropriation | Talking to GB News”

Black History Talk at St Johns

It was my pleasure to speak to St John’s 6th Form about Black History. We covered 300,000 years of African (human) history and they stayed attentive the entire time. Please read a brief summary of my work below “If you assume who I am, you’ll fail to see me” says Elliott Reid, who has hadContinue reading “Black History Talk at St Johns”

The new face of Black History School

I am currently working on a project which is still in its very early phases. Like a sling shot, I am currently pulling back before I accelerate forward; but despite being in its conceptual phases, this didn’t stop Daniel from HappyPixel offering his very limited time to help me with my logo design. I haveContinue reading “The new face of Black History School”

Black History talk at Accoutre Saturday School

It was my absolute pleasure to discuss my favourite topic, Black History, at the Accoutre Saturday School last weekend. The kids were fantastic. A key point I wanted to get across was the use of concepts. It is incredibly important that we perceive ourselves in a true and honest light. History enables us to doContinue reading “Black History talk at Accoutre Saturday School”