The Griot | black histories

Short black histories to promote the release of our black history graphic novel, My Roots Go Deep in June 2024. Sign up to our mailing list so you don’t miss out Picture walking down elaborately decorated halls into the heart of a grand palace where you see the king and his people listening to whatContinue reading “The Griot | black histories”

How should we remember our heroes?

How should we remember our heroes? How about as a mirage of complexities for us to take inspiration from AND to critique? We’re in the process of shooting trailers for the upcoming #MyRootsGoDeep comic book series.  The comic will educate the youth on the amazing history of the African diaspora. Our attainment of philosophy, science,Continue reading “How should we remember our heroes?”

Cultural Appropriation | Talking to GB News

I have been asked to speak on Cultural Appropriation tomorrow; the act of a culture (often majority or dominant) absorbing cultural traits of an often less dominant culture into their own. This has been a heated topic of discussion as of late. However I think that there is an underlying narrative which is more interesting thanContinue reading “Cultural Appropriation | Talking to GB News”

3 Life Changing Lessons from Toussaint Louverture |

This post is brought to you by Elliott Reid, founder of who brings Black Heroes to life through school curriculums and comic books Toussaint Louverture is, without a doubt, the most impressive man in recorded history. A man born into slavery in St Domingue (Haiti) who purchased his freedom by 30. He was a successfulContinue reading “3 Life Changing Lessons from Toussaint Louverture |”

Finding meaning in suffrage | response to Tee “Privilege of Peace of Mind”

Black People don’t need Positivity. We need meaning I read “The Privilege of Peace of Mind” by Tee. It moved me The title hits you before you’ve even opened the article. I was moved, yet also left in disagreement. I am Jamaican-British. I descend from freedom fighters and revolutionaries. My family fought with Sam Sharpe against the British in 1831.Continue reading “Finding meaning in suffrage | response to Tee “Privilege of Peace of Mind””