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Because as Maya Angelou said, to know where you’re going, you have to know where you have been. 

But it’s hard to look at the past when there’s so much pain in black history. Recent black history under colonial and imperial regimes can be a great source of despair and shame for the black community. However the triumph over that pain and anguish should fill us with great inspiration. And the glory which came before colonial rule should fill us with inspiration.

What If I told you that famous black leaders defeated slavery? African slaves weren’t just set free. Or if I told you that those of us who descend from an enslaved, oppressed people also descend from the richest nations to have ever existed? Black history is full of leaders, civilisation builders and intellects. It’s time we tell their story. Black history matters. 

We at blackhistory.school are resurrecting your black history so that you can pass it to your children. Pass your black history to your children with our beautifully illustrated comic books, romantic adventure packed novels and a video based curriculum of pre and post colonial black history. Over 7600 years of world-shaping history is covered in our resources. 

Myself and my fellow teachers think it’s great…we’re rolling the curriculum out to our school

Teacher at Gravesend Grammar School

We took the course during our PSHE lessons, absolutely fantastic!

Class student

Really interesting and educational, thanks for sharing Elliott

Class student

The Psychologist Nathanial Branden and author of The Six Pillars of Self Esteem says

“It’s painful to face the elf we haven’t had the integrity to honour…”

blackhistory.school provide your child with stories that display the rich heritage of the African Diaspora through our black history curriculum, comic universe and historical novels. 

From the first all powerful queens that the world has ever seen, to the richest man who has ever lived, the triumphant wars fought by the African diaspora to free themselves from oppression and the great contribution that our ancestors have made to the world we enjoy…. You will find their stories in our pages. 

The Founder’s Story | Elliott Reid

Growing up in Kent, without a strong community presence to guide me through periods of racial abuse, I dug deep and found promise in our rich history. Every triumph fuelled my self esteem and created a sense of somebodiness.

My business, the Revitalize clinic, has a team of 10 health professionals who provide over 800 appointments a month. There is no way I could have built this business, or complete my masters if I hadn’t already developed a sense of somebodiness. 

But I know we can’t all be book words. This is why we have video courses, comic book strips and novels. 

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