Black Hero Comics

The Ancestors are Speaking. Can you hear them?

Maya, a young teen of Caribbean heritage, reaches boiling point under teasing, racial prejudice and her voice not being heard. In the heat of her fury, her DNA activates and unlocks the memories of her ancestors.

Follow Maya and her friends as they discover the lessons and powers of their ancestors trapped within their DNA. Filled with metaphors and real historical heroes, this comic book teaches the lessons of old in a new, dramatic, entertaining and unforgettable series.

The hero story

For thousands of years, people have told the stories of the great people who have come before them; whether it is Winston Churchill of the UK or Oludamere and Oladata of the Yoruba, we see ourselves in our heroes. Our heroes carry key lessons and lift the esteem of a people by representing the ideal. 

More black heroes have died for the future of their people than saints have for Christendom. This series brings their stories to life in entertaining form for children and young people. Absorb the heroic feats of our people; integrate their ethics, morales and life lessons. 

Be great by learning of greatness

Learn about our heroes and watch yourself become one

Coming soon

This comic book series is currently under development. If you have any questions, fire a question at Elliott Reid, follow him on instagram and subscribe to our newsletter by hitting the link below

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