Black History Talk at St Johns

It was my pleasure to speak to St John’s 6th Form about Black History. We covered 300,000 years of African (human) history and they stayed attentive the entire time. Please read a brief summary of my work below “If you assume who I am, you’ll fail to see me” says Elliott Reid, who has hadContinue reading “Black History Talk at St Johns”

The new face of Black History School

I am currently working on a project which is still in its very early phases. Like a sling shot, I am currently pulling back before I accelerate forward; but despite being in its conceptual phases, this didn’t stop Daniel from HappyPixel offering his very limited time to help me with my logo design. I haveContinue reading “The new face of Black History School”

Black History talk at Accoutre Saturday School

It was my absolute pleasure to discuss my favourite topic, Black History, at the Accoutre Saturday School last weekend. The kids were fantastic. A key point I wanted to get across was the use of concepts. It is incredibly important that we perceive ourselves in a true and honest light. History enables us to doContinue reading “Black History talk at Accoutre Saturday School”

3 Life Changing Lessons from Toussaint Louverture |

This post is brought to you by Elliott Reid, founder of who brings Black Heroes to life through school curriculums and comic books Toussaint Louverture is, without a doubt, the most impressive man in recorded history. A man born into slavery in St Domingue (Haiti) who purchased his freedom by 30. He was a successfulContinue reading “3 Life Changing Lessons from Toussaint Louverture |”

Meghan Markle and British Racism

The Oprah Interview | I’m shocked that people are shocked My experiences of dating outside my race have been fairly predictable; give it enough time and someone is going to say something fairly inappropriate and quite possibly overtly offensive. In fact, if I were to pick a family to marry into which I suspected wouldContinue reading “Meghan Markle and British Racism”