3 Life Changing Lessons from Toussaint Louverture | blackhistory.school

This post is brought to you by Elliott Reid, founder of blackhistory.school who brings Black Heroes to life through school curriculums and comic books Toussaint Louverture is, without a doubt, the most impressive man in recorded history. A man born into slavery in St Domingue (Haiti) who purchased his freedom by 30. He was a successfulContinue reading “3 Life Changing Lessons from Toussaint Louverture | blackhistory.school”

Meghan Markle and British Racism

The Oprah Interview | I’m shocked that people are shocked My experiences of dating outside my race have been fairly predictable; give it enough time and someone is going to say something fairly inappropriate and quite possibly overtly offensive. In fact, if I were to pick a family to marry into which I suspected wouldContinue reading “Meghan Markle and British Racism”

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All People are Racist… at first

All people are racist… and then hopefully decreasingly so I have just finished reading Marley K’s piece “All White People are Racist”… it’s inflammatory to say the least but that’s me speaking from a scientific perspective. None of us have met all people; we can spot trends or correlations but we can’t logically label all peopleContinue reading “All People are Racist… at first”

Finding meaning in suffrage | response to Tee “Privilege of Peace of Mind”

Black People don’t need Positivity. We need meaning I read “The Privilege of Peace of Mind” by Tee. It moved me The title hits you before you’ve even opened the article. I was moved, yet also left in disagreement. I am Jamaican-British. I descend from freedom fighters and revolutionaries. My family fought with Sam Sharpe against the British in 1831.Continue reading “Finding meaning in suffrage | response to Tee “Privilege of Peace of Mind””