Meghan Markle and British Racism

The Oprah Interview | I’m shocked that people are shocked My experiences of dating outside my race have been fairly predictable; give it enough time and someone is going to say something fairly inappropriate and quite possibly overtly offensive. In fact, if I were to pick a family to marry into which I suspected wouldContinue reading “Meghan Markle and British Racism”

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All People are Racist… at first

All people are racist… and then hopefully decreasingly so I have just finished reading Marley K’s piece “All White People are Racist”… it’s inflammatory to say the least but that’s me speaking from a scientific perspective. None of us have met all people; we can spot trends or correlations but we can’t logically label all peopleContinue reading “All People are Racist… at first”

Finding meaning in suffrage | response to Tee “Privilege of Peace of Mind”

Black People don’t need Positivity. We need meaning I read “The Privilege of Peace of Mind” by Tee. It moved me The title hits you before you’ve even opened the article. I was moved, yet also left in disagreement. I am Jamaican-British. I descend from freedom fighters and revolutionaries. My family fought with Sam Sharpe against the British in 1831.Continue reading “Finding meaning in suffrage | response to Tee “Privilege of Peace of Mind””

Why there is there no Black History in the Curriculum

“Why is there not black history in the black curriculum?!”  A difficult question to answer without context, right? For example, why is there little to no: Native American history Mongolian history Indian history I could go on. But we then must ask why is Black history so important? You could argue that black people representContinue reading “Why there is there no Black History in the Curriculum”

The Real Black History | the good, the bad and the ugly

My name is Elliott Reid. I am an Osteopath, a business owner and have a special interest in Black History. Or African history to be precise. Why? Because I think it is extremely important for a people to be proud of where they come from. But to be proud of where you come from, youContinue reading “The Real Black History | the good, the bad and the ugly”

What does the N word mean?

I was asked what the N word means when visiting Gads Hill school… Imagine tripping someone up, they land on their face and strike a pose saying “yeah, I meant to do that…” That’s the N word. It’s an obscene word. All uses of the word point to its obscenity. A word which is usedContinue reading “What does the N word mean?”